2017 Jim Nienow Scholarship Recipients

In 2017, we awarded $24,000 in Jim Nienow Scholarships to family of RCASoCal Members! We take pride in our scholarship program, and we are happy to make an investment in the lives and futures of our member families. Learn about our 2017 scholarship recipients below!

Vanessa Moreno

“I originally wanted to be a teacher, but that changed when I realized I wanted to help students social-emotionally instead of academically,” says Vanessa Moreno. “I want to guide students to the right path and support those who don’t have any support at home.”

Vanessa Moreno, California State University, Los Angeles, Class of 2020, School Based Family Counseling
Vanessa is the daughter of Member Lorena Moreno of CertainTeed

Jeniffer Aguilar

“Maintaining a part-time job in high school was tough, but at the same time it was the best decision I have ever made,” says Jeniffer Aguilar. “When I walked into the management office at work I walked in with cleaning supplies, but I left with a love for the business world and new mentors.”

Jeniffer Aguilar, Class of 2021, International Business
Jeniffer is the daughter of Member Sergio Aguilar of Chapman Coast Roof Co.



Byron Aguilar

“In fourth grade my father and I worked on a science fair project that involved electronics,” recalls Byron Aguilar. “At first, I had no idea how to arrange the wires and batteries to make a motor move or a light bulb turn on, but with my father’s help, my love for electronics sparked! In high school, I continued my pursuit of engineering-related activities. After joining the robotics team, I quickly distinguished myself as a knowledgeable and hardworking leader. Being at UCSB has only solidified my dream of becoming an engineer.”

Byron Aguilar, University of California, Santa Barbara, Class of 2020, Electrical Engineering
Byron is the son of Member Sergio Aguilar of Chapman Coast Roof Co.

Ivan Barrera

“Though my true career choice has always been acting,” says Ivan Barrera, “I developed a strong passion for psychology, especially within the education counseling subsidiary which deals with careers, life, and illness guidance from ages 16-28. I am working to be a collegiate/university counselor, so later in life I can pursue a possible acting opportunity.”

Ivan Barrera, Santiago Canyon College, Class of 2018, Counseling (Psychology)
Ivan is the son of Member Octavio Barrera of San Marino Roof Co. Inc.




Kelly Bright

“Learning about why we do and act a certain way in group settings is important,” Kelly Bright reflects. “Everyone needs social interaction, but since everyone is very different, we must first learn about the individual. I’m an observer and people-watcher, and understanding people’s reactions, facial cues, and body language often tells more than their words.”

Kelly Bright, Sonoma State University, Class of 2019, Sociology in Autism Spectrum
Kelly is the daughter of Member Todd Bright, RSG Southern CA, Territory Manager



Joshua Evans

“I’ve always been interested in and liked science in school,” Joshua Evans says. “I love sports, physical fitness and body movements. Since I’ve had a few trips to see the orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor, myself, I discovered during these visits I could still be involved in sports in some capacity providing I don’t go to the NFL, myself. I would be able to interact with athletes on the other side with my own experience and, by obtaining an education in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine, I’d assist and advise athletes on their treatments.”

Joshua Evans, Orange Coast College, Class of 2019, Kinesiology/Sports Medicine
Joshua is the son of James Evans, CertainTeed Roofing, Shipper III

Christel Griego

“I’m interested in becoming a Physician Assistant because I’ve always enjoyed directly working with others,” says Christel Griego. “Volunteering with pediatric patients led me to find my passion for caring for others. Working as a Med Tech and CNA relate to my future career because I am caring for patients hands-on along with working with a group of health providers.”

Christel Griego, MCPHS University, Class of 2018, Pre-Medical and Health Studies
Christel is the daughter of Member Marlon Griego of Best Contracting Services Inc, Project Engineer



Griffin Grimes

“I’ve always had an interest in selling products to others with the inspiration of my father and mother,” says Griffin Grimes. “I took this inspiration and created my own business, TheCustomShirtGuy, and have been selling shirts to clubs and organizations on campus. After college, I want to acquire my real estate license and switch to the real estate industry, while still utilizing my passion for selling.”

Griffin Grimes, San Diego State University, Class of 2019, Business/Real Estate
Griffin is the son of Ray Grimes of Boral Roofing, Territory Manager

Fernando Lozano

“My career choice is leaning towards the education/teaching department,” says Fernando Lozano. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people, and sharing an experience as a peer mentor to younger students really helped me choose this career path.”

Fernando Lozano, California State University, Northridge, Class of 2021, Child Development
Fernando is the son of Member Jesus Lozano Martinez of JB Wholesale Roofing Supplies

Daniel Moreno

“I enjoy solving challenging problems that have the capability of benefiting others,” says Daniel Moreno. “Engineering allows me to work closely with other groups of people that also share my passion for solving difficult problems. I chose electrical engineering, specifically, because I’ve always been fascinated by electronics and how they work. Another aspect of electrical engineering that stood out to me was the endless opportunities that it provides. With a degree in electrical engineering you can work for a variety of companies and gain plenty of experience. You can also do anything from programming to planning and performing new projects.”

Daniel Moreno, California State University, Los Angeles, Class of 2019, Electrical Engineering
Daniel is the son of Member Lorena Moreno of CertainTeed Corporation, Regional Purchasing Agent

Jessica Parmenter

“I’m interested in corporate event planning because I like to focus on the details and see an event come to life exactly how the client wants it to work,” says Jessica Parmenter. “The Chamber of Commerce has offered a new perspective on planning mixers to encourage networking of local businesses and really help them.”

Jessica Parmenter, Queens University of Charlotte, Class of 2018, Communications
Jessica is the daughter of Member Scott Parmenter of Boral, Sales Territory Manager




Josh Parmenter

“I’m interested in a first responder career because I have a passion for helping people,” Josh Parmenter says. “Signing up for the California State Lifeguarding program really opened up the door to that world and showed me that it was what I was meant to do.”

Josh Parmenter, East Carolina University, Class of 2020, Security Studies
Josh is the son of Member Scott Parmenter of Boral, Sales Territory Manager




Zack Pinto

“Although the opportunities within the field of occupational therapy are endless, I’ve come to realize that I am meant to work with the pediatric population, specifically children with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” says Zack Pinto. “I recently found a love for hand therapy, working with people who obtained a sport or work related injury in their upper extremities. Currently I am interning at a pediatric facility again and my passion for the population came flooding back to me. These children have immense potential and not enough opportunities to grow. I want to be a beacon for these children to illuminate their worth and power in society, and help them find the confidence to pursue their goals. I want to be a catalyst for change in the stigma that society places on people with disabilities. My ultimate goal is for these children to be proud of who they are.”

Zack Pinto, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Class of 2018, Occupational Therapy
Zack is the son of Member Lana Pinto, Hoyt Roofs, Inc., Property Management Coordinator

Alexander Pinto

“My undergraduate and legal education, as well as my work in politics and law, have shown me that the good fight is not against flesh and blood but against injustice,” Alexander Pinto says, “and the legal arena is where I will fight it. Law transforms culture, punishes crime, and creates prosperity. I am growing up in a legal generation that unjustly confuses change and progress, free speech and bigotry, and capitalism and greed. My generation seeks to undermine the Constitution and American values. As a lawyer, I will accept the torch passed down from our Founding Fathers to stand among the few and defend the Constitution and the values Americans once held dear.”

Alexander Pinto, University of Southern California, Gould Law School, Class of 2019, Law
Alexander is the son of Member Lana Pinto of Hoyt Roofs, Inc., Property Management Coordinator


Nicole Tartaglione

“My best friend has a chronic illness, cystic fibrosis, which lead me to my decision of becoming a nurse. I worked as a personal trainer, which has allowed me to understand the anatomy of the body.”

Nicole Tartaglione, West Coast University BSN, Class of 2018, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
Nicole is the daughter of Member Thomas Tartaglione of Tom T Sales LLC

Poulima Tumanuvao

“Enrolling in the music department has been a faith step since day one,” Poulima Tumanuvao reflects. “I knew this is the direction I needed to take because everyone has something they are called to do and this is it for me. I have been in love with music since I was a kid. It communicates emotion deeper than words can. I have been singing in churches since the age of 10. It wasn’t until recently that I started to look at the big picture of my life. I asked myself this simple question, ‘what do I want to do with the rest of my life?'”

Poulima Tumanuvao, Class of 2020, Worship and Music
Poulima is the son-in-law of Member Julio Gonzalez of Chapman Coast Roof, Vice President and Sales Manager

Lilialana Wise

“The career I have chosen to pursue is becoming a dental hygienist,” Lilialana Wise says. “Many children are afraid of dentists, but I wasn’t and throughout the years my dental hygiene has brought me positive results. I want to share this great experience with young children. My college offers a dental program I am interested in enrolling in.”

Lilialana Wise, Cerritos College, Class of 2022, Dental Hygienist or AA
Lilialana  is the daughter of Member Moji Taba of Best Contracting Services