2023 Scholarship Recipient Features

Amber Garcia

Bachelor’s in Science / Bachelor’s in Nursing

Daughter of Tommy Garcia, SRS Distribution / JB Wholesale

What really drew me close to the idea of becoming a nurse was my aunt. My aunt’s sister passed away on August 12th, 2002. This was the exact day and year I was born, with her passing away early morning around the same time I was born. My aunt’s sister was a registered nurse. She had just finished her 12 hour shift and was on her way home when she fell asleep behind the wheel, which resulted in a tragic car accident. My aunt told me once I was old enough to understand that she believes her sister left this world so that I could enter it. I feel a strong connection to honor both my aunt and her sister by following in her footsteps of becoming a nurse.

Gianna Gatson


Stepdaughter of Paul Rodriguez, National Nail

Being a student-athlete, I was always interested in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. I was originally interested in sports medicine, which shifted into wanting to be a pediatrics physicians assistant.

Grace L. Rucka

Business Marketing

Daughter of Ben Rucka, Malarkey Roofing Products

Marketing is a highly competitive and rewarding field. I have always been a creative problem solver and feel that I can utilize this skillset in the ever-challenging and exciting world or marketing, especially digital marketing. I first became interested in pursuing a marketing degree during my high school psychology class. I found the study of human behavior regarding choices of products and brands to be fascinating. 

John (Jack) Bennett Rucka


Son of Ben Rucka, Malarkey Roofing Products

One of the main reasons I am interested in pursuing business in college is the people I admire the most have a Business degree or background. These mentors of mine have shown me the value of a strong work ethic and the importance of building strong work relationships. I also like the flexibility that a degree in Business offers. It is broad enough to help prepare me for a wide range of career opportunities across many different industries.