Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship Applications Due July 12, 2018!

RCASoCal takes great pride in offering its James A. Nienow Memorial Scholarships every year!

We look forward to awarding scholarships to immediate family members and employees of RCASoCal members in memory of the late James O. Nienow. Jim worked for Roofmaster for over 30 years and left a unique impact on the roofing industry.

We are excited to help as many deserving applicants as we can, depending on the success of our Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament on September 11!

Download our 2018 Scholarship Application here.

Applications must be postmarked no later than July 12, 2018!

We look forward to the opportunity to help our member families and employees with their educational and professional dreams.

Deadline: Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship Applications Due July 14, 2017!

Apply for scholarship money through our Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship program!

Download our 2017 scholarship application here.

By now you are probably well aware of our great success with last year’s scholarship awards, and how tremendously our Jim Nienow Golf Tournament supports our scholarship program. We are excited, once again, to award scholarship support to qualifying candidates this year, and hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

Download the 2017 Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship Application here.

Our Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship program is a great source of pride for our association, as it supports the professional development of RCASoCal Member employees and family members.

Since 1993, we have recognized the achievements of over 160 students. Over the last seven years, we have awarded over $180,000 in scholarships. Last year, we awarded $20,000 in scholarships to 19 students!

We look forward to receiving your applications for this year’s scholarship awards.

Please note:

  • The Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship Application is reserved for current RCASoCal members. If you have not renewed your membership, please do so today by contacting Julie Cisneros at JuliaCisneros@aol.com.
  • Scholarship applications must be postmarked by Friday, July 14, 2017.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted, so please make sure to contact us with any questions
  • Assistance is also available in Spanish.
  • If you have any questions or need help with the application, please contact Julie Cisneros at JuliaCisneros@aol.com.

We look forward to awarding scholarships to this year’s deserving candidates!

Success! 2016 Jim Nienow Golf Tournament

2016 Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship Recipients

We awarded over $20,000 in scholarships to RCASoCal Member families and employees! (Read the full tournament recap here.) Thank you for your continued support of our annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament, which supports or Jim Nienow Memorial scholarships. Read about this year’s recipients below. See how much your scholarship support means to the sons, daughters, and siblings of our members. Members, sponsors, supporters –  You made this happen! Thank you.

Table of Contents

• Meet Our 2016 Jim Nienow Scholarship Recipients
• Letters to RCASoCal From 2016 Jim Nienow Scholarship Recipients
• 27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament Sponsors!
• Photo Gallery: 27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament

byronpicByron Aguilar, son of Sergio Aguilar of Chapman Coast Roof Co., Inc.

Byron has been interested in electrical engineering since fourth grade when he researched how motors and wires work in a circuit for his science fair project. He will take his passion for robotics to the University of California, Santa Barbara, to pursue studies in Electrical Engineering.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Class of 2020, Electrical Engineering

sonomastateKelly Bright, daughter of Kim Bright of Roofing Supply Group, Southern California

Kelly has a passion for learning about human behavior, and studying why people act and respond in the ways they do in different social situations. She appreciates the way sociology helps her understand other human beings, and anticipates receiving her degree in Sociology from Sonoma State University.

Sonoma State University, Sociology, Class of 2019

lilialanaLilialana Wise, daughter of Penni Barnes of BEST Contracting Services, Inc.

Though many kids don’t like to go to the dentist, Lilialana found herself undaunted by the experience growing up. Eventually developing an interest in dental hygiene, and always having had a love for children, she is excited about pursuing a career as a dental hygienist.

Cerritos College, Dental Program, Class of 2022

Kylie Swenson, daughter of Michael Swenson of KJ Roofing, Inc.

Self-described as introverted and observant, Kylie has found a home in writing. She enjoys using the form as a way to create pictures with words to convey her thoughts to the world. Her natural propensity for writing, combined with her experiences as a volunteer in urban communities and a child mentor, has inspired her to serve others, and find understanding and connection.

University of Southern California, M.F.A. Candidate, Writing for Screen and Television, Class of 2018

janaescholarshipJanae Swenson, daughter of Michael Swenson of KJ Roofing, Inc.

Janae’s affinity for education can be traced to her experiences babysitting and the enjoyment she found teaching children through play. In high school, she connected with a special needs student, taking the time to explain lessons to her so she could succeed. Her longstanding desire to help, teach, and bring out the best in people motivated her pursuit of a Master’s degree in Education.

The Gevirtz School, University of California, Santa Barbara, Masters in Education, Class of 2017

Isabel Salazar, sister of Lionel Salazar of Structural Materials

A connoisseur in math, Isabel has loved the subject of mathematics since she was young. A field she has always excelled in and received recognition for her performance in, she looks forward to completing her studies in Economics Administration at the University of California, Riverside.

University of California, Riverside, Economics Administration, Class of 2017

rivasIvy Rivas, daughter of Cruz Rivas of Rey-Crest Roofing & Waterproofing 

Ever since she watched her father build a house when she was ten years old, Ivy has been interested in engineering. Always around the smell of wood as she watched her father work, she found herself intrigued by the entire process of building. Her fascination with how a piece of paper with sketches transformed into the reality of a home spurred her passion to pursue a career in Civil Engineering.

University of California, Davis, Civil Engineering, Class of 2018

ajpintoAlexander Pinto, son of Lana Pinto with Hoyt Roofs, Inc. 

Alexander has found his passion in serving his church as a youth Bible Study leader and mentor of teenage boys. In his outreach to adolescents boys, he discovered that much of their struggles were rooted in parental disconnection. From this realization, he aspired to be a strong male influence for them. As he connected with the boys through outreach, Alexander started taking on a leadership role to help guide them in life choices. He takes his passion to serve and connect with others to the University of Southern California as he pursues a degree in Law.

University of Southern California, Law School, Class of 2019

Zack Pinto, son of Lana Pinto, Hoyt Roofs, Inc. 

Since he was young, Zack’s family has instilled the importance of compassion and service in him. He first discovered occupational therapy in high school, where he taught dance to special needs children. He saw how dance improved their motor skills and self-confidence, and eventually discovered the professional field of Occupational Therapy. He sees Occupational Therapy as the ideal profession in which he can use his compassion to serve and dedicate himself to the mental, emotional, and physical improvement of people through everyday activities.

University of Southern California, Occupational Therapy, Class of 2017

Jessica Parmenter, daughter of Scott Parmenter of Boral Roofing

With strong organizational skills and family and friends always delegating her with the task of planning events, Jessica looks forward to a career as an event planner. Having participated in a corporate event planning internship, she is excited about continuing to hone her skills as an event planner as she studies at Queens University of Charlotte.

Queens University of Charlotte, Communication, Class of 2018

image1Maria Fatima Nifas, daughter of Marilyn Nifas of Roofmaster

“Dream big. Aim high.” These are the words Maria’s mother always tells her. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Management with a minor in International Studies in the Philippines, Maria carries her mother’s uplifting advice with her as she completes the accounting program at UCLA Extension. Maria sees accounting as the core of any business, and looks forward to assisting business owners and individuals through this service.

UCLA Extension, Accounting, Class of 2018

image001Daniel Moreno, son of Lorena Moreno of CertainTeed Corporation

Daniel’s passion for solving challenging problems that can ultimately benefit other people is the inspiration behind his pursuit of a degree in Electrical Engineering. His fascination with electronics and how they work, as well as his excitement about the opportunities in the field, inspired Daniel to pursue studies in electrical engineering at California State University, Los Angeles.

California State University, Los Angeles, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2019

tem_4427_vanessamVanessa Moreno, daughter of Lorena Moreno of CertainTeed Corporation

Noticing many of the students she graduated from high school with didn’t have a plan for their futures, Vanessa decided to study to become a high school counselor. Studying for her Master’s Degree in Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles, she plans to assist students with completing high school, establishing direction in life, and planning for their futures.

California State University, Los Angeles, Master’s Degree in Counseling, Option in School Based Family Counseling, Class of 2018

Candace Ford, stepdaughter of Steve Peters of JB Wholesale

candacephotoAfter seeing her uncle and grandmother suffer strokes within a year, and watching a family friend pass away from ALS, Candace developed a passion for speech therapy. She’s come to realize how vital speech therapy is in helping stroke survivors –  and individuals dealing with other physical hardships – return to normalcy. She has even seen the impact speech therapy has had on the lives of her brother and sister who both have autism. Candace’s experiences with those in need of  speech treatment, along with her patience and compassion, have inspired her to pursue a career in Speech Pathology to help children.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, English/Speech Pathology, Class of 2020

Alejandra Castillo, daughter of Ignacio Mendoza, Sr. of BEST Contracting Services, Inc. 

After seeing her father work long hours in construction, Alejandra became interested in labor rights. As she pursues her degree in Political Science and Media Studies, she looks forward to working with political representatives to deliver messages to her community regarding the laws and rights they may not be aware of.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Political Science and Media Studies, Class of 2018

Joshua Parmenter, son of Scott Parmenter of Boral Roofing

Since he was a child Joshua has had a desire to help people – his passion only growing as he has gotten older. From teaching blind people how to surf to other acts of compassion, he is focused on serving others. Joshua intends on using his studies in Public Health to work in the medical field where he can regularly assist those in need.

Public Health, Class of 2020

griffingrimesphotoGriffin Grimes, son of Ray Grimes of Boral Roofing

Although currently Undeclared, Griffin has developed a passion for working with children after watching his seven year old sister grow up over the years. He enjoys serving children and has worked at summer camps, volunteered at events for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, and worked as a caretaker. He sees making a positive impact on the lives of children as a source of inspiration and joy.

San Diego State University, Undeclared, Class of 2019

10442435_899418056741871_7714919694511966970_nChristel Griego, daughter of Marlon Griego of BEST Contracting Services, Inc. 

Christel looks forward to a career as a Physician Assistant, as she’ll be able to help people everyday who need care the most. After volunteering at Children’s Hospital with cancer patients, she realized that time is the best gift anyone can receive. She looks forward to caring for those in need as she pursues a career in the Healthcare field.

MCPHS University, Pre-Med & Health Studies, Physician Assistant Pathway, Class of 2018

wyattWyatt Christiansen, son of Jon Christiansen of United Contractors

Wyatt’s journey in fitness and wellness started in high school when he was introduced to body weight fitness. He liked the idea of controlling his body, and began studying anatomy and nutrition. He eventually enrolled in the HEART Academy and learned about the variety of medical careers he could pursue. After suffering numerous injuries and working himself back to fitness, Wyatt’s passion for health and wellness grew, inspiring him to pursue studies in Fitness Wellness.

Fitness Wellness (Major), Business (Minor), Class of 2020

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Letters from our 2016 Jim Nienow Scholarship Recipients

“The James Nienow Scholarship makes a big difference in people’s lives. It paves the way for students like me to achieve their dreams and goals. With the contribution that the association has given me, I am a step closer to finishing my studies and becoming a CPA. Thank you for making dreams come true. The scholarship is a blessing to every individual given the opportunity and their families. Thank you for making a difference in our lives.”

Maria Fatima B. Nifas (Tammy), UCLA Extension, Accounting, Class of 2018

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship. Thank you so much for your generosity, for it has allowed me to purchase all of my books and pay a partial amount for my housing. Additionally, I won’t have to work so much during the semester and can now dedicate more time to my studies.

As I complete my education at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, I am extremely grateful for receiving this gift. Because of this scholarship, I will continue to study hard so that I graduate and go onto Physician Assistant school.”

Thank you again for your benevolent gift.”

Christel Griego, MCPHS University, Pre-Med & Health Studies, Physician Assistant Pathway, Class of 2018

“It is with profound appreciation that I receive this gift of education. Thank you for being a champion of my academic and professional careers. With little financial aid available for Graduate students, this award helps relieve some of my financial burden. I humbly carry this gift with me as I work toward my Masters in Writing for Screen and Television at the University of California’s School of Cinematic Arts. I wrote my first short story at seven years old and knew then it was my life’s purpose to write. You are helping me get that much closer to realizing my dreams.

I can only hope to one day offer this invaluable contribution to another student in need.

I am honored and eternally grateful for your benevolence.

Thank you RCASC for gifting me the invaluable gift of education!”

Kylie Swenson, daughter of Michael Swenson of KJ Roofing, Inc.

“Thank you for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. This scholarship will help my parents’ and my own finances throughout my college journey. I will try my best to succeed and make my education worthwhile. Again I am very grateful to have been selected as a James O. Nienow Scholar.”

Byron Aguilar, University of California, Santa Barbara, Class of 2020, Electrical Engineering

“The generosity of the Roofing Contractors Association continues to astound me. As I move on from undergraduate into my first year at USC Gould Law School, I look back to see RCASC providing me with support and encouragement every step of the way. I know that I am not alone when I say that I would not be where I am today without this organization’s renewed kindness. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.”

-A.J. Pinto, University of Southern California, Law School, Class of 2019

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for selecting me for the James Nienow Memorial Scholarship. It means a lot to me and I wanted to thank each one of you at the Roofing Contractors Association for the generous award of $750.

I am currently a second year student at Cal State, Los Angeles, obtaining my Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with hopes of becoming a Circuit Design Engineer. I am also working part time at Certain Teed, learning the ropes of the real business world, while also focusing on my studies. The financial assistance you have provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses.

Thank you again for your generosity and support.”

– Daniel Moreno, California State University, Los Angeles, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2019

“I am writing this letter to thank you for selecting me for the James Nienow Memorial Scholarship.

On May 2015, I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BS in Child and Adolescent Development. I am currently employed part time with the Blind Children’s Learning Center in Santa Ana as a one on one aide for a child with special needs.

I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Counseling with the option in school-based family counseling. I plan to pursue a career in school counseling upon graduating from Cal State, Los Angeles.

I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals as you have helped me.

Thanks again to the Roofing Contractors Association, as I am one step closer to achieving my goals.”

– Vanessa Moreno, California State University, Los Angeles, Master’s Degree in Counseling, Option in School Based Family Counseling, Class of 2018

“I cannot show my gratitude enough for all of the help I have received from The Roofing Contractors Association and the Jim Nienow Memorial Scholarship selection committee. I appreciate the committee for noticing my work and for helping me in continuing my education. Opportunities like these come rare and I cannot thank you enough for giving students, like me, the chance to apply and receive help along with acknowledgment.

Thank you, thank you.”

– Janae Swenson, The Gevirtz School, University of California, Santa Barbara, Masters in Education, Class of 2017

“I am writing to you, to thank you and feel honored that I was chosen for this scholarship and I really appreciate it.”

Isabel Salazar, University of California, Riverside, Economics Administration, Class of 2017

“I want to thank the association for granting me this money to help me further my education. College has been an amazing experience and opportunity thus far and the RCASC has been there to support me every step of the way. I really do not know where I would be if I was not granted these scholarships because they are so crucial to my attendance at USC. It truly is an honor to be supported by all of you.”

Zack Pinto, University of Southern California, Occupational Therapy, Class of 2017

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Thank you to our 27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament Sponsors!

Thanks to all of you for your rounds of golf, and a special thank you to the sponsors and donors who contributed. We hope you had a wonderful day, and we hope you will be back next year.


Program Sponsor:


Thank you also to our Tee Sign Sponsors:
Rey-Crest Roofing & Waterproofing | Safety Compliance Co | Eagle Roofing Products | Tru-Fast Roofing Products | Tom T. Sales Group | Bay Cities Metal Products | Lang Roofing | Chapman Coast Roof Co Inc | Dephino Roofing | Highland Commercial Roofing | Letner Roofing Co. | Lomanco | Nemeon, Inc. | Western Colloid | Western Pacific Roofing Corp | Eberhard Roofing


We want to extend our gratitude to Oak Creek Golf Club for all their hospitality as our tournament host over the years. They are also our Raffle Sponsor, so we want to give them a big shout out for all of their support to the association.

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2016 Jim Nienow Golf Tournament

View our Photo Gallery for the Tournament!

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Keeping Tradition: 27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament


Members, supporters, and sponsors getting ready for a day of golf in support of our Jim Nienow Scholarships!

This year we moved our typical Monday tournament to a Tuesday and returned to our favorite location, Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine, for our Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament.

The morning began with overcast skies and the temperature a humid 65 degrees. An annual tradition, committee members met to assemble bags and set up registration areas. But it didn’t take long to see mother nature wasn’t going to cooperate with us as we started the day, as grey clouds and rain began rolling in. After a bit of a scramble, we managed to find another area to arrange registration near the covered patios.

Needless to say, the initial weather frenzy wasn’t exactly in our plans, especially since we secured The Laker Girls as tournament guests for the first time!

Bill Bauer and Ross Riddle checked in golfers, who made their way through the line and were greeted by President Lang and Brandon Riddle selling tickets for our scholarship fund. Every participant was also greeted by the official Los Angeles Lakers cheerleaders!  Our loyal and returning Prime Sponsor CERTAINTEED made sure each attendee received a hefty bag full of personalized items such as hats and golf balls. WESTERN COLLOID hosted the continental breakfast with personalized coffee cups and warm, fresh Dunkin’ Donuts.

Meanwhile, the 9th Annual Don Banks Putting Contest was underway with Julio Gonzalez of CHAPMAN COAST ROOF who coordinated the event just like Don would – with a smoky cigar in hand!

de6a5efa-4d2e-4da3-9626-59ca60918763TROPICAL ROOFING PRODUCTS picked up the Lunch Sponsorship again this year. Players were able to grab their lunch as they packed into their carts for a 10:45 a.m shotgun start.

This year we had to close our tournament registration early as we had 154 players! We were able to make arrangements with the club for the overflow of devoted participants. The tournament went smoothly and was on schedule – and the rain had cleared out!

Another tradition we’ve looked to continue over the years is putting vendors on the holes and offering tee box sponsorships. We

Members, supporters, and sponsors getting ready for a day of golf in support of our Jim Nienow Scholarships!

had O’HAGIN MANUFACTURING back with games, balls, cold drinks and a 1k Hole-In-One Sponsorship. New this year were MALARKEY ROOFING PRODUCTS STEEP & LOW SLOPE, TAX FINANCIAL GROUP and SKYCO SKYLIGHTS DISPLAYS with lots of goodies and beverages. We also welcomed back NATIONAL COATINGS and APOC.

Although still cloudy, our afternoon weather ended up being warm and sunny without a raindrop in sight! Golfers played smoothly, managed to stay on track, and afterwards filed in to enjoy the BBQ buffet full of hearty BBQ ribs and grilled BBQ chicken. Committee members Steve, Ross, Bill, and Jeff made sure to keep the excited crowd entertained by raffling items during dinner and throughout the entire event. As usual, President Lang invited participation from the audience in our raffle. He had guests select tickets and even let them choose their own items!

APOC returned as our Grand Prizes Raffle Sponsor. They purchased large electronics, Apple products and so much more. The tickets were sold during registration and guests had the opportunity to select the items they wanted to win. President Lang also purchased an array of prizes. Every corner of the dinner room was full of electronics, travel items and even kitchen products! In addition, Oak Creek again offered their generous contributions of player memberships and golf vacations. Our raffle is an important source of income for our scholarship fund, so all of the support tremendously helped that effort!

Food, fun, prizes, networking and more at our 27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament - September 13, 2016

Tournament winners were announced and received unique engraved, crystal awards hand selected by Committee member Bill Bauer.

Our manufacturers took 1st place this year: Todd Bright, Ben Corralejo, Chris Erickson and Tommy Garcia, Congrats! Lang Roofing came in 2nd place. (You can find a complete list of winners at the conclusion of this recap).

During dinner, a Scholarship award was presented to Wyatt Christiansen’s parents (United Contractors). Many of our scholarship students are back in school, and with the tight dinner schedule it is almost impossible to have the entire group present at dinner. To learn a little more about each of our 19 scholarship recipients and read their letters to RCASoCal, visit our Scholarship page here.

This year’s awarded scholarships totaled $21,000!

Since 1993 we have recognized the achievements of 161 students. Over the last eight years, we have awarded over $180,000 to deserving scholars!

Special thank you to RCI SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER for their annual contribution to our scholarship fund. We 100_0480appreciate your support!

You can read about each of our scholars and view our tournament sponsors here. Thank you to our sponsors for their support!

All sponsors were entered into a “Sponsors Drawing” for a table at our Annual Christmas Party on December 7, 2016 in Seal Beach. This year’s winner was WORLD OIL Corp.

Once again, this tournament would not be possible without the dedication and passion of the committee members who spend countless hours volunteering their time to ensure it’s a successful, sold out event. They accomplish their goal every year! We are thankful for Co-Chairs Ross Riddle (South Coast Shingle) and Steve Lang (Lang Roofing), and Members Bill Bauer, (CertainTeed), Jeff Meinhart (Roofmaster), Rudy Berumen (APOC), Frank Paour (JB Wholesale), Bruce Radenbaugh (Biltwell Roofing) and Julio Gonzalez (Chapman Coast Roof).

We are also thankful for the hard work of our staff members – Rebecca Keeley for all her work pre-tournament, on tournament day, and post-tournament, and Simone Youngblood for all her work on all of our tournament communications.

Thank you to the companies who continue to support our scholarships by attending our tournament. Your participation enables us to keep the scholarship program alive. We hope to see you next year!

– Julie Cisneros, RCASoCal Executive Director

27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament Winners

27th Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament - September 13, 2016, Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine

Closest to the pin: #3 Mark Cura 6’5″
Closest to the pin: #11 Gene Smith 5’9″
Closest to the pin: #17 Rod Ray 5′
Straightest Drive: #13 Alfredo Barrios
Long Drive: #4 Andrew Larson
Long Drive: #15 John Hudspeth
Putting Contest Winner: Marc Kearns

Scoring Results
4 Tied at 14 under 57 By scorecard playoff
3rd Place Team: Team 6C
Jason Aceves, Jesus Burrola, Lenny Fotopoulos, Jason Taylor
2nd Place Team: Team 9A
Bruce Beutler, Marc Kearns, Steve Lang, Ryan Lang
1st Place Team: Team 7B
Todd Bright, Ben Corraleio, Chris Erickson, Tommy Garcia