Enjoy Retirement, Frank!

In May of this year, Frank Paour (JB Wholesale) decided to call it a career and turn a new page in life! We want to give a big thank you to Frank for his years of service to our Board of Directors, and to the industry.

Frank joined our Board of Directors in 2005 after a recommendation by current Board Member Ross Riddle (South Coast Shingle).

For the next 13 years, Frank would serve with great dedication on our Golf and Scholarship Committee, taking special enjoyment in working with vendors in support of our Annual Jim Nienow Golf Tournament.

Frank sees the management of Connerly and Associates, beginning in 2006, and the outstanding leadership of Executive Director Julie Cisneros as a turning point for the association, with Julie becoming “our true leader and the voice of our association.”

35 Years of Work in the Industry

Frank started his career in 1983 with Atlantic Pacific Building Materials, working there until 1994 when the business closed due to the rise of big box stores and the failing economy. That same year, he assumed the role of Branch Manager with Structural Materials Co. in Montebello, working with Chis and Paul Byrne. Their outside salesman Gerry Tabert became a longtime coworker of Frank, with the two of them working together for nearly 20 years.

When Structural sold to Beacon in the summer of 2012, Frank accepted the opportunity to open a new branch for Roofing Supply Group in Hawthorne. After RSG sold to Beacon, he eventually moved to JB Wholesale in 2015, staying with the company until his retirement in May of this year.

“This industry has brought me many good friendships and endless great times,” Frank reflects. “I want to thank all the vendors I worked with, and so many of the great employees that I worked with and helped mentor during these years. I am happy to see so many of them still working and carrying on until their day of retirement.”

Over a Decade of Service to RCASoCal

It was truly a pleasure having Frank on our Board of Directors for so many years. He could always be depended on for his creative ideas. But just as important as that, Frank was always a great listener. His ability to show attentiveness is one of his great strengths. He constantly welcomed the flow of ideas, and genuinely desired the best for RCASoCal.

“Frank gave me pointers and, due to his support, I could do my job better,” says RCASoCal Executive Director Julie Cisneros. “Each of the Board Members holds the key to the success of the association. The Board, including Frank, have shown me great trust in leading the association, and have given me flexibility with ideas and staff support to build the association we have today.”

Frank, on behalf of the association and its Board of Directors, we salute you and thank you for your years of service to our association and our industry!