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Advancing professionalism in the Southern California roofing industry

Welcome to the Southern California Roofing Contractors Association, where we’re committed to elevating professionalism in the roofing industry. Join our association today to stay informed and compliant with regulations through our advocacy efforts and legal counsel consultations. Enjoy networking opportunities at our membership meetings, annual golf tournament, and trade show meeting.

Family members and employees of members companies also get the chance to benefit from our James A. Nienow Memorial Scholarships. Since 1993, we’ve awarded over $330,000 to family members and employees of our member companies, supporting their aspirations.

Reasons to join us:

  • Advocacy & representation with regulatory agencies
  • Quarterly meetings on industry issues
  • Consultation with legal experts
  • Networking with contractors, manufacturers & industry leaders
  • 24/7 safety compliance hotline
  • Discounted dues for companies with 1-9 employees
  • Savings with NRCA
  • Exclusive use of our logo in advertising
  • Scholarship program
  • Project Reroof community work

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