Project Reroof

Project Reroof is our contribution back to our communities of what we do best – putting a roof over the heads of needing charitable organizations. Each year a new site is selected, and manufacturers, suppliers and contractors donate materials and services – and a new crew of Roofing All Stars accomplishes a miracle.

2018 – First Southern Baptist Church – Buena Park

Our 2018 Project Reroof has been successfully accomplished!

As you may know, Project Reroof is our annual contribution back to our communities of what we do best – putting a roof over the heads of needing charitable organizations.

This year’s recipient was First Southern Baptist Church. The church’s congregation primarily consists of homeless persons. They offer a number of services geared towards helping those in need get back on their feet by providing shelter, food boxes, clothing, hot showers and two wholesome meals daily for upwards of fifty people.

Of course, our Project Reroof is impossible without the dedication of the companies who volunteer to make it happen. We want to send a tremendous THANK YOU to the following for giving back to the community through this year’s Project Reroof.

Thank you for making this happen!

Project Manager and Coordination

Dave Chapman and James Simmons, Chapman Coast Roof

Two Brothers Construction

Decking, Underlayment and Sheet Metal

Chapman Coast Roof


Quality Environmental

Shingles Contributor


Material Contributions

Biltwell Roofing


Chapman Coast Roof

Inland Pacific Roofing

Lang Roofing

Howard Roofing

Skyco Skylights

Material Coordination and Delivery

South Coast Shingle


Hoyt Roofs

Martin Huipe, Gregorio Alvarez, Roben Hurtado Valle

Howard Roofing

Jose Garcia, Alejandro Primera

Chapman Coast Roof

Francisco Somano, Sergio Aguilar, Ramon Quintero, Arturo Sanchez and Sergio Cabral Barranza

Lang Roofing

Jaime Guerrero, Ismael Torres, Edner Delgado

A Thank You From the Pastors of First Southern Baptist Church

I, William Ruffin, and Pastor Wiley S. Drake, speak in unison for The First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, California, and our entire congregation and Homeless Ministry, when we send you (Chapman Coast Roof, Two Brothers Construction, Quality Environmental, Acetek Roofing, Lang Roofing, Howard Roofing and Hoyt Roofing) our deepest thank you and God bless. Thank you all for your donations and hard labor in repairing our roof at no cost to us. Again thank you all for the God-given gift. May God bless all that you touch and cherish.

Sincerely, William Ruffin and Pastor Wiley S. Drake, and The First Southern Baptist Church congregation

RCASoCal echoes the gratitude of the pastors and say Thank You, once again, to our donating companies for seeing our 2018 Project Reroof through to its completion!

2016 – Pomona Police Officers’ Association – Pomona



The team at Howard Roofing Company, Inc. has successfully completed our 2016 Project Reroof!

The Pomona Police Officers’ Association was this year’s recipient.

RCASoCal is committed to bringing good to our local communities. We can’t thank RCASoCal Vice President Member, Ron Malekow, the team at Howard Roofing Company, Inc., and all of the donating companies enough for bringing this year’s Project Reroof to life. Thank you for your tremendous efforts.

A special thank you to the following companies for all their support of this year’s Project Reroof:

L & M Roof Removal
Allied Building Materials
Carlisle Syntec Systems
Hoyt Roofs
Howard Roofing Company, Inc.

About the Recipient:

The Pomona Police Officers’ Association (PPOA) is a fraternal organization comprised of 143 sworn Pomona police officers. The PPOA represents the interests of the men and women that make up the membership, but the PPOA is much more than that. The organization realizes the importance of community fellowship and the needs of support groups throughout their community.



The PPOA is a nonprofit that promotes and supports various civic and charitable organizations with a direct link to the City of Pomona. In a diverse community that at times lacks the ability to have a direct effect on their youth groups, the Pomona Police Officers’ Association prides itself on empowering these organizations through financial and physical aide.


About the Project

The project manager for our 2016 Project Reroof was Ron A. Malekow, RCASoCal Vice President Member, and Vice President of Howard Roofing Company, Inc. Thank you again to Ron, all of the supporting companies, and the good people at Howard Roofing Company, Inc. for your time, energy and effort to give back to our community.

You can read PPOA’s letter to Howard Roofing Company, Inc. here.


2012 – Agape House of Prayer, Christian Community Center – Anaheim

Companies That Donated:

Cal State Roofing (labor for tear off)
Lang Roofing (material and labor)
Howard Roofing (material and labor)
DePinho Roofing (labor)
Chapman Coast Roof (material and labor)
Malarkey Roofing Products (shingles)
South Coast Shingle (delivery of all materials)
Inland Pacific Roofing
A special thank you to Dave Chapman, Chapman Coast Roof.

Press Release

Thank You Letter

Request from Organization

2011 – Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California, The Doug-Out

The Doug-Out, RCASoCal Project Reroof 2011
The Doug-Out, RCASoCal Project Reroof 2011


Companies That Donated:

*Ron Malekow, Howard Roofing Company, was the committee chair. Ron Malekow organized the project which included obtaining the permits.*
Inland Pacific Roofing
Lang Roofing
South Coast Shingle
MCA Clay Roof Tile
Structural Materials
Chapman Coast Roof

Press Release

Request from Organization