The Johnny Zamrzla Award

Johnny Zamrzla

In 1990, the Roofing Contractors Association of Southern California established the Johnny Zamrzla award, which recognizes extraordinary service on behalf of the roofing industry. It is the most prestigious and highest tribute the Association gives. The first recipient was Johnny Zamrzla, Western Pacific Roofing Corp., and the award was given his name in honor of his continuous, active leadership in the industry and association work, from local to national forums.


Johnny Zamrzla Award Recipients

1991 – Johnny Zamrzla

1992 – Carrol Heetland

1993 – Paul Parrish, Jr.

1994 – Tony De Santis

1995 – Don Banks

1996 – James Kilbourne

1997 – Neil Eberhard

2007 – Robert McKennon

2008 – Ross Riddle

2008 – Dave Stefko

2015 – Steve Lang